EpicMonsters(G-W).Mithral Golem

A common dream of mankind is to bring life to objects which normally has none. When students enter this major, they will finally be able to accomplish this very dream. Thaumaturgy deals with bringing puppets and golems to life, all for the sole purpose of whatever your bidding is... whether it is simply street tricks or bringing your enemies to their knees.

Emet. Met.What do these mean? Historically, the origin of 'golem' (a body without a soul) is linked to the Hebrew/Jewish rabbi of the old, who would animate inanimate clay into a shape resembling humanity, but without speech. To do so, they would draw a talisman with the Jewish word "emet", meaning truth, and place it upon the golem's mouth, effectively bringing it to life as a worker who could complete tasks around the household. When the alef (E) is erased, only met (death) remains, and the golem falls apart, lifeless once more.

There are countless stories of the origins and origins of golems, as well as various stories of their creation. First year students will learn about all these things, along with an education in ancient lettering and ritual involved with golem.