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Joseph Kol is a professor of alchemy teaching at Headsman's Academy of Fine Education. He is written by Shining Light and is based on the likeness of television actor Daniel Gillies.

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Joseph grew up with a love for theater and sought to become an actor, but during his university years, he discovered a passion for alchemy that overshadowed his first ambitions. He switched majors shortly after, graduating with honours. Specializing in potion-brewing, Joseph began his post-graduate career creating formulas for curing common sicknesses and diseases. As he discovered more formulas, he expanded his expertise into utility usage, temporary human enhancements, spiritual interactions, and more. Boundaries were pushed in ways never imagined and existing theories were advanced. He dedicated years of his life to the pursuit of alchemy -- so much that it became everything he knew.

Joseph put a temporary halt to his work a few years ago when an old friend, The Headless Horseman, called in a favour. He now spends his days teaching as a professor of alchemy at Headsman's Academy of Fine Education.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Joseph stands at a not-too-imposing height of 5'9", his build slender. His crisp brown hair is spliced with blonde streaks, his eyebrow-length bangs neatly parted to either side of his forehead. With dark brown eyes and chiseled features, Joseph boasts a well-preserved, classically-handsome look.

Joseph is hardly ever seen without wearing a full business suit with tie. He prefers dark colours and generally wears some combination of dark blue, red, and black. Rounding out his attire are a pair of polished leather shoes and an expensive silver watch.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Cheerful and gentlemanly, Joseph possesses a fair share of eccentric quirks that are wildly out of sync with the modern era. He is very much the theatrical type and often adds flair to his expressions and gestures -- it doesn't help that he loves to make a fashionably dramatic entrance when allowed the opportunity for one. But to close friends and co-workers, his demeanor becomes gentler and subdued. His manners are rooted in the old ways of chivalry and civility, and people getting to know him tend to be caught off-guard by them. But at the end of the day, Joseph is a gentleman at heart and has no reason to be otherwise unless given one.

Majors TaughtEdit