Healing hands

Out of all things related to magic and the paranormal, none stand out so much as those as religions. After all, they are littered things such as Gods, miracles, deaths, and resurrections. Students majoring in this field will research the various religions of the world, studying to understand their meanings and lore.

First year students will be expected to begin learning the arts of healing and defense.

Scripture and certain phrases can hold great power in the hearts and souls of the pure. Like the arcane language of the dragons, some words are said to be passed down from entities far above the realm of a regular paranormal agent. Learning such phrases will be key in learning to apply healing and defensive techniques, and as such, first years will begin drilling the basics of these verses. As such, a course in Prayers or the like might be necessary, as they fuel the magic of Holy student.

Some students within this major may also choose to place more offensive-emphasis on their studies than the more traditional students do. Those students may still be versed in healing and defensive spells, but will be more specialized in techniques and abilities that aim at taking a slightly more aggressive approach to combating entities and effects of a darker-variety.