The school grounds of the Headsman's Academy, as seen from afar.

The Headsman's Academy of Fine Education is quite a unique, post-secondary-education facility. Not only is this because of the school offering strange and paranormal majors such as witchcraft, vampirisim, and spectral studies, but also because the school is contained within a massive, ancient castle.

Physical AspectsEdit

The Headsman's Academy is located high atop a mountain ridge, surrounded by a lush forest and crystal clear lakes. As of this point, it is currently unknown where the castle's current location is... if it is even located within America. This adds to the mysterious nature of the school, despite the fact that is apparently a well-known educational establishment.

Like most universities, the Headsman's Academy is comprised of several buildings and landmarks. Spread across its large grounds are dormitories for both boys and girls (seperated by gender, sometimes in buildings, sometimes by floors), an arena for sporting and various school events, and faculty centers for each of the majors. Seperating the academy from other universities and colleges though, is the fact that there are several restaurants, shops, and other buildings across the castlegrounds and even a park to allow for quite a range of recreational activities during non-class times. In a sense, one could say that the Headsman's Academy is its own little town.

There is a forest also contained on the school grounds, but it seems to be forbidden...


Acceptance into the Headsman's Academy of Fine Education is quite unlike other schools. Enrollment is not only based on GPA, grades, and extra-curricular activities, but also on experience with things of the paranormal kind. If a possible candidate have been found to experience such things, they are said to receive a scholarship and acceptance letter for the academy. It is quite mysterious as to just how the school knows when someone encounters a strange, paranormal event and just how they manage to find them so quickly... To some it seems as if someone is always watching, just in case.

Paranormal MajorsEdit

The Headsman's Academy of Fine Education houses a wide range of majors to move forward in the world, such as English, science, drama, arts, business, ect. When one is enrolled in the academy, they are expected to not only major in an average field, but one of the paranormal field as well. These contain, but are not limitied to witchcraft and wizardry, shamanism, holy, and magical botany. You can read more about the various paranormal majors offerred at the academy in the "Paranormal Majors" section.