Perhaps you are looking for a bit of excitement in your paranormal major. Well then, the field of dragonslaying is for you. Learn the skills and hone your strength to combat and vanquish these terrifying, savage, fire-breathing, lizard monstrosities. Perhaps you are not willing to slay dragons, but to learn to communicate with them! Dragonslaying can facilitate that too. Recently, there has been a move to rename this course more appropriately, but debate has entered a deadlock...

First year students will be learning basic ways to communicate with and deal with dragons, along with the history behind these fabled creatures and their sometimes fortunate, sometimes unfortunate demises at the hands of dragon slayers. Development of one's mental and physical fortitude are a must as well.

The language of dragons is considered to be one of the ancient languages of our world. As such, spoken words can hold a great power in the right hands. Of course, being human and not dragon, there is always a degree of whimsicality associated with the usage of dragon speak. Still, while a mite unreliable, this is still considered a valuable tool for those in this program. Because of their studies, it is said that they grow closer to the dragons themselves. As such, while dragon speak might not be useful for those who are unlearnt in the ways of dragons, those of 'Dragonslaying' are at least more likely to enjoy the benefits of this sometimes fickle system.