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Chloe Conrad is a first year student at the Headsman's Academy of Fine Education.

Chloe Conrad is written by user Eel.


Chloe's family has had a long history of practicing voodoo, something her parents tried to not mention to her when she was growing up. But when Katrina hit Louisiana, they had to go back to help out her grandparents, exposing the young child to her crazy grandmother, who was even more crazy after the traumatic experience of losing her husband. She thought that it was incredibly funny that her father would play along when the old hag poked a doll, not realizing that he was really in pain. It didn't take her that long to discover that it was real when she accidentally broke his arm by moving a box on top of the doll.

A few years later she came back to the swamp to visit with the witch before she died, getting a complete biography out of her, which she wrote down and stored away in her room. Her mom apparently didn't like the idea of being a witch doctor herself, instead choosing the path of a real doctor. Chloe was fascinated with the idea, but had no idea how it actually worked. None of her dolls ever produced a result, and the one woman she knew who had any success with the craft was dead. So she put it behind her and put her efforts in her schoolwork and friends. She graduated in the spring at the top of her class, but it didn't seem to be enough for her. School work just seemed so obvious, there wasn't a whole lot of learning involved if all the practical applications of the studies were apparent in every day life.

Physical Appearance

Chloe is about 5'5" with long black hair curled into dreadlocks, mulatto skin that's a bit on the light side, dark brown eyes and pearly white teeth. She wears a necklace with sea shells and skull shaped earrings, generally wearing baggy green pants and a tight fitting black top that has a skull and cross bones design, with sandals. She's rather well shaped with an athletic build.

Personality And Traits

Studious and very polite... towards her teachers at least. If she doesn't have something to occupy herself with (studies) her ADD sets in and she can cause a lot of problems. She's very bright and easily distracted, which is a bad combination in certain situations.



  • Introduction to Psychology (PSY101)
  • Social Psychology (PSY102)
  • Dream Analysis (PSY111)
  • Psychology of Sexuality (PSY201)


  • Introduction to the Paranormal (PAR100)
  • Spoon Bending (MIND101)
  • Meditation (MIND103)
  • Smoke and Mirrors: Preliminary Illusion Magics (MIND110)
  • Tribal and Folk Magic: An Introduction (MIND104)