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Amber Roselin is a professor at the Headsman's Academy of Fine Education. She usually teaches students who happened to be involved in the Witchcraft/Wizardry major, more specifically in courses dealing with wand and staff use.

Amber Roselin is written by Albel4t5.


Amber has only been teaching at the acadmey for a few years at this point, as demonstrated by her much more loose and relaxed demeanor. Apparently, Amber spent her earlier schooling years at the Irvingstone Academy, a cousin, secondary-school that specializes in witchcraft and wizardry for teens.

Physical Appearance

Amber Roselin stands about 5'9" with a rather curvacious build. She has a fair skin complexion, with light freckles decorating the cheeks around her eyes. Her eyes are a light, chocolate-brown color. Amber's hair is orangish-red red hair that she often keeps pulled up into two long ponytails. The bangs of her hair frame the sides of her face, with some of them sweeping over her right eyes. Her only common feature in clothing is a long, white coat with several pockets and a high collar, and a black choker with a crecent moon-shaped pendant.

Personality and Traits

Amber seems to have a rather light-hearted, cheerfuly demeanor. However this does not mean that she is not professional. In fact, the woman takes her line of work quite seriously and frowns upon those who do not pay attention or treat her area of expertise lightly. Amber can also be quite mysterious and a bit cynical, something she seemed to have picked up while growing up at Irvingstone.


  • Amber Roselin originated in Gale Grimoire, a Harry Potter-based RP that was run by Admiral Ackbar. During the RP, she was a twelve year-old, muggle-born, first-year student who ended up being sorted into Slytherin.
  • Originally, Amber was still going to be 12 during this RP. GK decided that GG was in a way, canon to Paranormalstory. This required her to age somewhat to match this fact.
  • The original Amber was my youngest character ever to be in an RP. I actually had a bit of trouble figuring out how I wanted her to look and act in Paranormalstory. I wanted her to retain some of her characteristics and personality from Gale Grimoire, but at the same time, it was required to have her with more maturity than she had in her original RP... In a way, I can see a bit of Tamber Mose in her, a character I wrote in another of Admiral Ackbar's RPs, Tribes.